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After seven good years of trying to conceive, here I am today, very pregnant, almost twelve weeks pregnant, all thanks to you guys and to God who made it possible.

My first visit was so great and amazing. The way the nurses and the doctor received us was awesome; it was something else, it felt as if we had met before! What I love about the doctor and nurses is the way they pay special attention to your words; they give you time to explain Leer más

I felt their support, that strong personal touch.

After a long personal journey, at 42, I decided to have a child alone. I contacted 4 centres and chose IVF because of its proximity, geographically speaking, and because it was the only one that agreed to tell me up-front, before any meeting, what tests would have to be done, and to a Skype interview Leer más

That closeness, compassion, intimacy – that’s what made us decide to do the entire process with you.

My reason for deciding to do the entire process with you was your extreme kindness, your closeness. It might sound silly, but we had gone elsewhere before, and the feeling we got with your centre was different. You always made us feel your warmth and closeness, and you gave us all the intimacy this process Leer más

Thanks to IVF, I fulfilled my dream of being a mother.

Thanks to IVF, I fulfilled my dream of being a mother. I thought I’d never be able to do that, but you helped me achieve it. I am happy with my little baby at home. Every time I look at him, I still find it incredible that I can actually have him in my arms. Leer más

I always say that the girls at IVF are my fairy godmothers: I went there with a wish and they made it come true.

Assisted reproduction is not an easy path to take. The process entails very high costs, emotionally and physically, for women, but at IVF I felt supported and well accompanied from the very first minute to the last: when we didn’t know each other and I’d just arrived, when I started the treatment, when things went Leer más

We’ll never be able to thank you for the gift you’ve given us.

Like many couples, there came the time when we decided to have children. We were, at the time, aware of the fact that we had a handicap – one of us has a genetic syndrome that has implications for our offspring. We were both determined not to pass it on to our children, so we Leer más