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Check-ups, supplementary tests and treatments

At IVF Donostia we provide comprehensive healthcare for women from menarche to menopause and even during post-menopause. These services are aimed at ensuring that women have a division specifically devoted to comprehensively treating their health.


> Cervix cancer prevention
HPV_human papillomavirus
Colposcopy: supplementary test to examine the uterine cervix.

> Breast cancer prevention: thanks to our location at Onkologikoa—the Oncology Institute Gipuzkoa—we are able to offer comprehensive care to address breast disease.

> Endometrium cancer prevention

> Endometriosis

> Birth control

> Menopause

> Uterine fibroids


>2-D and 3-D gynaecological ultrasound

>Sonohysterography: examination of the uterine cavity using a saline solution and an ultrasound scan.

> Hysterosalpingography: Examination of the uterine cavity and Fallopian tube permeability using a solution made of water and glycerine that allows for imaging of the tubes through ultrasound.

> Hysteroscopy: examination of the uterine cavity using a viewing device to get live images. The test can be a diagnostic or a diagnostic treatment tool depending on the outcome.

> Endometrial biopsy: can be done at the office or through a hysteroscopy. This test is used to examine the patient’s endometrium when an abnormality is detected.


>Minimally invasive gynaecological surgery: minilaparoscopy.

>Radiofrequency to treat uterine fibroids.

>Hyaluronic acid injections for treatment of vulvovaginal atrophy.

>Hormonal treatments: used in cases of menopause, endometriosis, dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), hypermenorrhea (heavy bleeding), etc.

>Cervical pathology treatment: High-grade lesions detected in the cervix are treated using the conization technique, which consists of drying the affected area to prevent potential development of uterine cancer.

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