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Egg Vitrification

When we talk about the preservation of female fertility, we are referring to the possibility of vitrifying the eggs (freezing them) for later use. There are several reasons for wanting to preserve fertility:

Medical reasons:

Women who are going to undergo treatments which could jeopardize their oocyte quality, women with a low ovarian reserve, etc.

Social reasons:

Women who, for different reasons, decide to postpone their motherhood. It should be noted that female fertility decreases significantly after 35 years of age.

As a result of the advances made in research on this technique, egg vitrification offers the same outcomes as treatments that use fresh eggs, inasmuch as 90% of the eggs survive devitrification.

The process in 3 steps

Ovarian stimulation

This involves stimulating the ovary in a controlled manner so that it produces a greater number of eggs.

Extraction of the eggs

The extraction of the eggs is performed under sedation. The procedure lasts about 15 minutes, and after undergoing the necessary check-ups, the patient is released 3 hours later.

Vitrification of the extracted eggs

The last step is the vitrification of the extracted eggs.

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