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Yosu Franco to chair the 2015 ASEBIR Congress

From 18 to 20 November the 2015 ASEBIR (Association for the Study of Reproductive Biology) Congress will take place in Donostia. The city will become the epicentre of assisted reproduction at this event, which will bring together more than 400 national and international specialists at the Kursaal Congress Centre. Yosu Franco, the Director of our Centre, will chair the scientific committee this year after winning the candidature in 2013.

The ASEBIR National Congress is held every two years and its aim is to disseminate scientific knowledge in the field of assisted reproduction. During the three-day meeting, the specialists will address issues such as andrology (semen analysis), embryology, genetics, cryobiology, quality control, etc. The purpose of the event is to discuss and exchange knowledge so as to make joint advances in a field which is evolving every day and to set challenges for the future.

The Congress will also serve to increase awareness of fertility in the city, a subject which affects more and more people. Between 15% and 20% of the couples of reproductive age have trouble having children. The ASEBIR National Congress will be an opportunity to educate the general public and explain the various options offered by assisted reproduction.

Science and solidarity, hand in hand

At this year’s Congress science and solidarity will go hand in hand. The 1st Juneren Hegoak Solidarity Race will be held on Thursday 19 November. With this five-kilometre race the scientific committee aims to work together with the Juneren Hegoak Association, which is working to generate a network of support for families in a situation of vulnerability with children with illnesses. The registration process has been successful and the quota of 300 runners is complete.

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